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A sincere desire in mentoring and guiding businesses and the intrinsic expertise to use one’s own experience, analytics and maturity across a spectrum of specialization is far more important than having a specific degree or knowledge of a single subject.

As an employed, freelancer or self-employed business consultant / business advisor ( on a retainer basis), you will provide correct information, usher-in business clarity, coach your clients, advice and provide latest and updated guidance to entrepreneurs and businessmen, in order for them to stay relevant in their business. This could comprise of individuals looking to start their own business, scale-up their business and / or expand or diversify their business model.
You will be required and expected to provide specialist services to your clients, depending upon the level of expertise and knowledge required to deliver results to your clients. Many business consultants / advisers specialise in supporting start-ups, to move their clients’ business enterprise from conceptualisation to reality.
This involves providing specialist finance and funding advice, consulting on organisational change and offering advice on implementation of cutting – edge technology or disruptive technologies in order to stay ahead in competition, right through to supporting a business to venture in to international trade and business agreements.
Key responsible areas include:
  • providing latest information on the developments in finance, funding and grants
  • offering mentoring and coaching to help a business through a period of change
  • providing support on the business planning process
  • giving advice on business improvement techniques
  • introducing businesses to networks and associates
  • supplying specialist support to specific business sectors
  • offering specialist support to develop international trade agreements & ratify MOUs
  • informing and influencing government policy on business support and ensure 100% compliance and adherence to government and corporate governance and business laws
  • designing and delivering training seminars to provide business support to a wide audience.
Responsibilities : As a business advisor, you’ll need to:
  • possess an in-depth knowledge of the business support landscape and the ability to advise businesses on the range of options available
  • undertake diagnostic needs assessments with businesses, including analysing the needs of the business and working with the client to put a business action plan in place
  • develop your own professional network of associates who can provide a broad range of business and enterprise support services to your clients
  • build positive and enduring relationships with clients, partners, associates and networks
  • possess excellent mentoring and coaching skills
  • Attend meetings with networks and associates to ensure you keep up to date with global, national, regional and local business support initiatives to ensure your business clients benefit and increase their revenue.
  • undertake research on behalf of a business and optimize your clients profit
  • communicate with clients, networks and associates
  • provide start-up businesses with advice and guidance to assist them to successfully set up and commence trading (and go on to maintain their own sustainable business)
  • provide tutoring on, for example, suitable business plans and cash and funds flow plans
  • Organise and deliver business networking events and business education seminars and workshops.
  • Provide the best discounts and fiercely negotiate on the purchases of your client – revenue and capital acquisitions
  • Facilitate acquisitions and mergers, in order to optimize your client’s business expansion
  • Keep abreast with the latest technological solutions / applications
  • Be proficient in the domestic and international tax, accounting and business laws
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